Walk in Your Purpose


group coaching



Coaching will help you find your answers to questions such as:

What really makes you happy?

What are you afraid of that keeps you from moving forward?

What do you want to accomplish?

What actions steps will it take to get past fears?

Coaching is about the present and moving forward. Coaching is collaboration. Coaching helps you gain clarity about your goals. Coaching assist with helping you eliminating obstacles in your life. Coaching is a judgement free zone.

Coaching is confidential.

life coaching

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines Coaching as “Partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their potential.” As your coach, I will assist and provide you with assistance, in a confidential and judgement free zone with:

  • Accountability/Support/Affirmation
  • Structure
  • Focus
  • Momentum Building
  • Perspective
  • Planning/Instruction
  • Brainstorming Solutions
  • Expertise in Breakthroughs
  • Direct Feedback
  • Moving and or Accelerating Goals
  • Self-Coaching

Rate for Life Coaching 

$125 per Hour


Group coaching is led by a Coach, who facilitates in creating a virtual environment that promotes a creative and strategic process that inspires each member, of the group, to maximizes their potential to better achieve goals, which are aligned with the group’s objectives.

Benefits for organizations, corporations, companies, etc.:

  • Leverage cost
  • Aligns individual goals with group objectives
  • Accelerates the achievement of individuals
  • Enhances engagement and retention(according to Pinnacle Consulting Services, LLC 2010)
  • Improves recruiting efforts (according to Pinnacle Consulting Services, LLC 2010).

Benefits for group members:

  • Provides structure, support and accountability
  • Improves relationships and teamwork
  • Accelerates achievement of goals

Rate for Group Coaching 

Rates start at $75 per group member per hour with a maximum of six (6) members per group twice a month for six (6) months. Services can be catered to meet specific objectives and needs.


Information provided in the following seminars are designed to maximize your productive decision-making process to get you unstuck in a positive non-judgmental manner.  Learn to identify when you are stuck in your job, physical health, finances, relationships and spiritual development. In addition, learn how to move forward towards your life goals you have envisioned for yourself.  

What’s Your Life Telling You and Are you Listening?

  • Are you prepared for success? What do you need that you don’t already have?
  • Supersizing all your options
  • Learn how to describe your goal(s) in vivid color
  • Are you trying to achieve balance or flow in your life?
  • Are you a life long learner?
  • Who and What are you “LinkedIn” to?

Goal Setting/Goal Getting

  • The importance of resiliency
  • Avoiding the main goal setting and goal getting traps – fear and procrastination
  • How to achieve your goals
  • Learn how to visualize vivid goals
  • Theory of goal setting
  • Defining goal

Building Financial Fitness 101

  • Learn the what, when and how about credit cards
  • Learn how to get out of debt by taking baby steps
  • Learn how to design a filing system for your important documents that works for you
  • Organize your mail
  • Develop a spending and savings schedules
  • Learn what your spending habits are

Rate for Seminars

Rates start at $2,500 per half day seminar. Services can be catered to meet specific objectives and needs.