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Give Yourself Permission to Go After Your Passion






The many phases I went through, my big questions are always: What comes next? What will my life look like?


I have weathered many changes in my life.

In becoming an “empty nester” (twice), I gained time to myself and was able to focus on my passions, desires, and interests. I didn’t have to manage my children or family’s schedules, and I was able reconnect with my spouse.


When my adult child moved back home, I had to switch gears and return to “parent mode.” It created feelings of inadequacy and made me question if I prepared my child with the necessary tools to be independent. However, during that time we were able to work on and strengthen her confidence to go back into the world successfully.


As a full-time caregiver to my spouse, I learned not to sweat the small stuff, to be patient with myself and others and to be considerate and kinder. I also recognized that being of service to someone else is probably the most important work I could do. I learned in having faith and surrendering to my faith, regardless of the outcome, that God is the good in the midst.


In having a millennial as my boss, I learned to value myself, my experiences, attributes, and qualities; to feel secure in what I know. I also became aware not to force my own life experiences on someone because they’re younger. This was a lesson in listening and allowing others to have their own experience.

Gale Taylor

certified “baby boomer” life coach


To empower clients who courageously choose to move forward in becoming more self-aware and resilient.


To partner with “baby boomers” who seek clarity of purpose in their new phases of life through guided self-examination and establishing action steps that hone in on the client’s ultimate PASSION, PURPOSE AND JOY.

Leaving my job before

retirement age…

led me to realize it was time to redefine my employment.

It was critical to take ownership of my actions to make a change and to find my passion and purpose again.

The many phases I went through, such as fear of letting my children go, rediscovering relationship with my spouse, and regaining confidence in myself; I have been there. My big questions are always: What comes next? What will my life look like? Will I be able to find happiness and move forward?

My answers to these questions took a lot of soul searching, which is sometimes painful. Through self-examination and with the assistance of a life coach, I found my purpose and passion.  And then came my happiness and peace.



to vent in order to continue my journey, and successfully work through my challenges.

Now when I look in the mirror, I see the fullness of my life’s journey. I am able to share and connect with my clients, letting them know they are not alone.

I want to be the conduit that allows my clients to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That their lives are not over. The potential for them finding passion, purpose and happiness is their for the taking. People just need a safe, nonjudgmental space to work through their challenges to dig up their truths as I did.