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Create Breakthroughs

In order to gain clarity, one must be able to speak in a safe and non-judgmental space. This is necessary to work through your challenges to identify your truths.

Build Your Confidence

Identifying and being aware of your character strengths will allow you to overcome challenges easier. Being your authentic self, in any situation, will always allow you to put your strongest foot forward.

Embrace Forward Movement

Transitioning into another phase of life can be an overwhelming challenge. We’ll work together to create an action plan with steps that are achievable and manageable for you.
My personal and professional growth has been enhanced through my coaching experience with Gale Taylor, LLC. The opportunity to explore my deeper self in a time of transition has enriched my personal and career focus, moving forward.

Thank you Gale for helping me focus and bring my thoughts FULL CIRCLE. Saritha E. Harden

Mrs. Gale is a dynamic, patient, and understanding Coach. Her ability to listen and guide you toward your next steps are phenomenal. By working with Mrs. Gale, I’ve learned how not to be such a taskmaster and just go through a process, but to “find joy in the process”! This concept has had a positive impact on me personally and professionally.  Thank you, Mrs. Gale! L. Mosley

I must say first that I have never talked with anyone on a professional level about my life goals and concerns. I am so glad I reached out to you as my Life Coach. I must say I did not know what to expect, but after a couple of sessions, I really started to see me in a way that I never allowed myself before. This has not been an easy journey, but one that was well worth it.  My blinders are now off and I am looking forward to continuing steps into my life’s purpose.  I am sure I will be reaching out to you in the future.

Thanks for making this an AWESOME EXPERIENCE! Melkiah Taylor